Dolce Mall and Residency

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Dolce Group which is one of the major groups in Bahria Town Karachi that have experience of real estate in Dubai has recently launched a mega project of Dolce Mall and Residence in Bahria town. This project is pretty huge and it has various features that are going to make it a successful project. The Dolce mall and Residency is going to have innumerable facilities including a residency in various apartments. The apartments will be built in various towers that will have many floors. The building of the mall will have 2 parking slots in the basement and then it will have a lower ground, ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and a 3rd floor as well.

The mall and residency will have spacious swimming pools as well in order to keep the environment beautiful and to add a modern touch. There will be outlets and shops of various brands and the 3rd floor will be restricted to the food court only. In the food court, customers can have a fine dine experience where they can relax and enjoy food with shopping. The whole mall is centrally air-conditioned which means that people who will visit Dolce mall wouldn’t have to worry about the temperature changes at all. There will be various walking paths in the mall in order to facilitate the customers.





Dolce Mall Location and Surroundings

Dolce Mall and Residence are located just 2 kilometers from the main gate of Bahria town. The location is also named Legacy Commercial Area. The road from Bahria Town that leads to the Dolce Malls location is further extended toward the farmhouses of Bahria Town. This would make it easy for the people enjoying their holidays at their farmhouses to reach facilities and Dolce Mall.

Right next to the Dolce Mall, Imtiaz Super Market, and the Dominion Great mall is located in the legacy commercial area. The Dolce Mall and Residence is located right next to the Theme Park. This is one of the biggest projects of Bahria Town and it will turn it into a huge success because of the perfect location that will be the largest plus point of the mall. The theme of the mall is a bit modern and it will help to create a better image of Bahria own.

The location is a huge plus point because it’s located in a commercial area where there are ongoing developmental projects and some of them are fully developed with a successful business.

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Payment Plans

The rates of apartments are not launched yet but the rating lists of shops have been launched by Dolce Groups. The pre-bookings for shops are open on 25% of down payments. The rates are very low in pre-booking but after the completion and proper opening of the mall, the prices will rise eventually. The rates of the shops depend on the location of the shops. Upper-level floors have shops at a lesser rate as compared to the shops on the ground floor and lower floors as well.

The inner shops are 37,000 per sq ft, the inner shops are 49,00 per sq ft on the ground floor. This is the ideal rate for the ground floor shops. The lower ground shops are 24,500 per sq ft. On the first floor of the mall, the rate of a shop is 20,000 per sq ft. 18,500 is the rate for the shops located on the 2nd floor of the mall. The rest is for the food court on the 3rd floor which has various categories like large food outlets will be for 30,000 per sq ft. For fine dining additional 25,000 per sq ft will be charged. These rates are only valid for pre-bookings. When the digging starts, the rates will be revised, and also after the opening of the mall, the rates will be revised as well.

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