Announcement: Merging Option is about to close – Hurry before it’s too late.

By merging, Bahria Management was supporting Bahria effects. Bahria affected are people who have paid a large sum of money but have not been assigned a plot or property in Bahria Town Karachi. Merging is primarily available for Bahria sports city, Bahria Paradise, and other locations. Bahria Management has recently made an announcement. The last date for availing merging opportunity…

The Affectees of Bahria Town Karachi

At Pakistan Property Leaders we get a lot of concerns, questions and queries about Bahria Town Karachi. We keep trying to accommodate all questions and answer all requests. However, we decided to make a blog on the most requested questions and subject: ‘The Affectees of Bahria Town Karachi’ So, let’s get into all that you need to know about the…

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